About Us
Woodbourne Sports Club was founded in the spring of 1961 by a group of keen young people associated to the Boys Brigade and young people's fellowship at St Johns church in Harborne. The name of Woodbourne was selected, partly because of the location, but also after the nearby Woodbourne Road, which it was thought sounded "strong and a little posh".
With cricket and table tennis flourishing the club decided to play football in the winter months and in 1962/63 season joined Kings Norton football league which like the cricket team used Sennelys Park in Weoley Castle as a home venue. Socially they were fortunate in having an energetic group of ladies and parents who supported all of the activities which now had to include fundraising events. Reasonable funds were quickly built up which allowed the club to search for their own premises. Leading this was a guy named Ken Burrows, who was the father of one of the female members at this time, whose efforts helped secure the present ground, hence its name "The Burrows".

Going forward

The club currently offers sporting opportunities for all ages with football training / teams operating from the age of 7 years and upwards, a cricket team playing on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays and a crown green bowling section which plays on most days during the summer months. In all these sections the club caters for all ages and level of ability. The club house offers opportunity, for the less energetic, an excellent location for numerous social events. There are plans to expand all these activities at the club.

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